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Freelance copywriter for hire. Advertising copywriter. Freelance Copywriter Portfolio

(No need to ruin your eyes. Click each ad to read the copy.)

Vanstar direct mail postcard

Vanstar direct mail business-to-business        Freelance copywriter direct mail marketing postcard

Denon Hiss business-to-consumer ad         CNNSI branding ad - ran in Sports Illustrated

Nortel 1-Meg Modem print ad - ran in Wired Magazine.   Nortel 1-Meg Modem freelance copywriter adNortel 1-Meg Modem by advertising copywriter Kim Freeman

Park Place Mall brochure, Atlanta, GA    Park Place direct mail,  Atlanta, GAPark Place direct mail,  Atlanta, GA

Personique cosmetic surgery, Austin, TX    Personique cosmetic surgery, Austin, TX

Advertising Copywriter Resume & Bio

TV reel - BMW, Honda, Burger King, Premsyn commercials - QuickTime format

Click on the screen to download a sample reel of five TV commercials (QuickTime 7 required).
Radio Spots - MP3 format

Click on the radio graphic to go to a page of produced MP3 radio spots.

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